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Karachi XXX

The best Karachi XXX kisses and hugs! ;)

Sex at Defence dance party!!!!

If this is the extent of your ambition with that girl, go for it you poor little loser. Which is to say one must not objectify anyone, regardless of gender. Did she dump you and now you’re on for a revenge? The steps above must be taken in that order. Your feedback is valuable and will help improve this Lahore Girl’s blog even more.


Karachi girls are amazing. You can chat with them or go for a date with them but you’ll have to be very very lucky to do so, which many of you reading this blog are not and just cheap charlie Karachi boys that you are. The world loves Pakistani girls. Feast you hungry eyes on some Islambad girl pictures and do come again. The boyfriends who are looking for young Lahori girls for friendship and mobile friendship and whatever you call it aren’t reading the internet blogs. Sex at Defence dance party!!!!.


Btw the pic is not mine. This girl uses GSM, CDMA phones .

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